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Experience to next level barEdit

This yellow bar tracks your experience (XP) progress towards the next level. The current maximum level in Shadow Cities is 22. Level increase unlock new spells to learn & use, increase the potency of spells, increase your maximum health and mana, and increase the maximum health of newly summoned magical structures.

Experience to next Attribute Point barEdit

This green bar tracks your experience progress to the next Attribute Point. It takes 500 XP for 1 AP regardless of your level.

Mana barEdit

This blue bar shows your current and maximum mana points (MP).

Health barEdit

This red bar shows your current and maximum health points (HP).


This section shows your unused Attribute Points (AP) and the value of each of your attributes.


The current maximum attribute points are capped at 1000.

Attribute Value AP cost to raise
0-15 1
16-30 2
31-40 3
41-45 4
46-50 5
51-55 8
56-60 10
61-65 12
66-70 15
71-75 20


Affinity with Air makes you smart and creative. This is reflected in your mana pool.

Each point gained gives 5 more mana points.


Mages tap Earth to withstand damage, both to themselves and their magical creations.

Increases your health and the health of your magical structures. Each point gained gives 5 more health points.


Rejuvinating qualities of Water help you recover Health and Mana, also when healed by others.

Increases regeneration rates of both Health and Mana. Also boosts Aria of Light spell when cast on you by others.


Inner Fire powers your spells, both when healing and destroying.

Increases the power of your War Chant of Light and Aria of Light spells.


This shows which Realms you are Shadowlord of, and how many potions another mage would need to spend to take it over.



Shows all medals gained from being on the winning team in past campaigns.

Settings ScreenEdit

You can change basic game settings from here.