Chicken: Shake Your Tail Feather

This week we are bringing a highly experimental new feature into the game: Dodge spell.

And how does it work? If you manage to warp or dewarp to a long enough distance after an enemy Mage has started to cast a War Chant on you, you have a chance of dodging his spell. You can only dodge attacks of other Mages, not Spirits.

As said, this is an experimental feature and internet connections, especially 3G connections may have much influence on how the feature will work in real gameplay. With weaker connections the time to react after enemy has started casting might be much shorter. We are keeping a close eye and monitoring how the dodge spell feature is working during the Campaign. After the Campaign we'll be also collecting your feedback of this feature.

Otherwise the Campaign rules haven't changed. As an extra reward the top 3 banishers and top 3 Mages who have dodged the most attacks will be rewarded with extra Mana Potions.

If you encounter technical problems, you can also give your feedback of the new dodge spell feature at Shadow Cities Player Support forums in GetSatisfaction.

The Chicken Campaign runs until Thursday April 21st.