Rare water spirit of the house Drioma

"The eastern Spirits of House Drioma have their power base somewhere deep in Russia.

They spread their dreams and nightmares into mortal minds in their attempt to control the world."

The known spirits are:

Name Rarity HP
Bagiennik common 250
Bereginia common 100
Bogatyr uncommon* 1240
Bolotnyi uncommon* 1630
Devana common 550
Domovoi common 50
Leshii uncommon* 700
Likho rare*** 1425
Mara common 425 or 520
Ovinnik rare*** 1010
Polevoi common 750 or 910
Rusalka rare*** 720
Skrzak uncommon* 310
Vodianoi rare*** 300
Vytiaz common 700 or 850

Note that this list does not include air spirits