Fresh tears

Fresh Tears: Fall 7 Times, Stand Up 8

We have seen the fierce battles and the epic wins just as the falls conquering nodes. It's time to expand and get some harvest time in.

In this weeks campaign you will get to see the following changes:
-Back to the roots. You can build dominators only from your physical location.
-Harvest is back with a vengeance. You can harvest all the friendly dominators, also on a warp.
-Simplify. Conquering a node will give you at least 50 points the first time you take it over plus the bid value effect.
-Cool down. When taking over a particular Gateway second time within two hours you won't get any points. Come back in two hours and you're game again.
-Spells. You can do six war chants with one full mana charge.

Let's fight like it's 2011.