Frostbitten: True Blood Is Blue

This week's campaign Frostbitten continues in the theme of Spirit hunting, but with a freezing twist. The chilly temperatures seem to have caused quite unexpected effects in the blue Spirits.

The freezing winds have infused the blue Spirits with substantial amounts of extra energy and also pumped them with some extra health making the blue Spirits harder to beat down but much more rewarding when it comes to gained energy for your team.

The red and green Spirits are giving out a bit more energy than before too, but in significantly less amounts than the blue Spirits.

Also all of the Spirits seem to be in full Mana right when they appear on your iPhone screen, so they're hitting you harder than ever before, beware! Is this a temporary phenomenon or are the energies and Spirits growing stronger perhaps?

Just like in the previous campaign we'll be rewarding the top 5 Energy gatherers and the top 3 Blue Spirit Hunters with stacks of mana potions.

Frostbitten Campaign is on until Thursday February 24th.

Btw, personally I really wouldn't mind an inner fire buff to warm my frostbitten fingers in this freezing -20°C Helsinki weather... ;P