Hide and seek

Hide And Seek: Creation From Destruction

Dominators harvest the energy that leaks to our world from the Shadow World. While it’s important to gather energy in support of the cause, it’s often equally necessary to prevent the enemy from doing so as well. As Animators and Architects struggle to control the Gateways, new emphasis is placed upon disarming the opposition’s dominance over energy.

During the ‘Hide and Seek’ campaign, Dominators will have more health but also reward more energy when destroyed.

The ‘Hide and Seek’ campaign will begin Monday, July 4 at approximately 11:00 AM PDT and will run for one full week. The campaign will be split into three rounds and afterward we will be posting the names of the top 100 mages who destroy the most enemy Dominators during the campaign.

We will also be rewarding 10 mages out of the top 100 with 10 free Mana Potions! Discuss the weekly campaigns on Campaign Forum.