These structures gather energy from gateways. It takes 35 mins for a dominator to fully charge. You can use the harvest spell to collect the energy from your ownj dominators once fully charged. This rewards 25XP and some energy.

Animator Faction Dominator

Energy TableEdit

Modifier Energy
base 3
each additional dominator on gateway -1
X gateways controlled in area (including the harvested one) +X
Shadowlord of that gateway (10 potions) +1
Shadowlord of that gateway (50 potions) +2
Shadowlord of that gateway (5000 potions) +3


This structure allows friends and nearby faction members to warp to its location from the Cloudview. Whenever a potion is used it will gives the beacon extra protection and send notifications as an emergency beacon.

Spirit CatcherEdit

This structure lures and captures spirits. It takes 9 mins to capture a spirit, but you can instead spend a potion on the catcher, which instantly captures it. Once captured, the catcher will use the spirit to fight enemy mages that attack within range. It releases a copy of the spirit to attack the mage, once provoked, and the spirit will fight even if the catcher is destroyed. If the spirit is destroyed first, it will release a another copy of the spirit. A catcher can also be collected; this act destroys the catcher, but the captured spirit gives energy and quest credit as if captured by the mage.



This structure attacks enemy mages within range that cast any spell.

Animator Faction Ward

Whenever a potion is used it will immediately gain full attack power.