Northern lights

Northern Lights: Seek Me In Your Darkest Hour

Get ready to conquer the cities of northern hemisphere as Northern Lights Campaign starts in a couple of hours. Besides few changes to the combat rules, Northern Lights re-introduces the Battlegroup Beacons: Animator High Command and Architect Battle Control.

The commanders of the losing Academy redouble their strategic support, creating Battlegroup Beacons to strike against the winning side, while the commanders of the winning Academy tend to spare their resources for the rainy day.

Battlegroup Beacons appear in the Cloudview for the whole Battlegroup team. Additionally you will get a message of a new Battlegroup Beacon in the Main View.

Northern Lights Campaign starts May 24th, 3 pm EST.

Update: To get the Battlegroup Beacons function optimally they still need some tweaking. Grey Area team is working on getting the BG Beacons to the game as soon as possible. If they won't make it to the Northern Lights Campaign, they'll be brought to the next one. We will let you know as soon as the BG Beacons are in the game!

Check out Shadow Cities Forums for combat rules changes and to discuss the Northern Lights Campaign!

Which Academy controls where after the Frodleikr Campaign? See the world domination map below.