Pilegrīm: Not All Who Wander Are Lost

We made some interesting calculations and found out that an impressive amount of 3 444 Gateways have been discovered so far in Finland. But 13 500 are still undiscovered!

The goal of this week's Campaign: Roam, warp, jump, worm, run, fly, take a drive... Pick your style, do it by yourself or better yet together with your team, and find those Gateways where no Mage before you has been to.

Check out the picture in the end of this post, which shows the undiscovered Gateways as dark blue dots on the map.

Discovering new Gateways gives now also energy. You get 30 energy points for each new discovered Gateway. Note that you actually have to see & tap the energy node to capture the energy.

We'll be doing a recount of the discovered Gateways in the end of the Campaign. The top 3 Mages who have discovered the most Gateways in Finland during the Campaign will be rewarded with stacks of Mana potions.

Otherwise the rules stay pretty much the same. Spirits still give energy, but blue Spirits were zapped out of their extra powers during last Campaign, so they are now back to being just like the other Spirits.

Pilegrīm Campaign is on until Monday March 7th.

Undiscovered Gateways in Finland, click to enlarge: