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Power Meter 1

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Power Meter

The power Meter screen is acessed by tapping the Purple Dominator(Dom) Icon in the top-right corner of the Overworld screen.

There are two sections to this screen. The top section is a list of your dominators. It displays their health and what realm they are located in. The doms gather power for your beacons, wards, and catchers to consume. You can tap an entry for a dom and destroy it from there if you wish to relocate it.

  • If you have multiple doms in one realm and you want to move a specific dom, heal it first so that it stands out from the rest in the Power Meter Screen.

The second section has a list of all of your power consumers. Beacons, wards, and catchers are listed here. Beacons have two options - Destroy or Jump. Tapping the Jump button warps you to it. Catchers will only have a 'destroy' button until thy have caught a spirit, at which point a 'collect for energy' button should appear. Wards only have a 'destroy' button.

  • If the 'Jump' button for beacons appears to be translucent and inactive, but the beacon is active, try rebooting the app.
  • If the 'Collect for Energy' button has not shown up but the catcher has caught a spirit, reboot the app.