Shadow agenda

Shadow Agenda: Marked For Conquest

Amongst both Architects and Animators exist ambitious Mages who seek to control Gateways for their own purpose. Before a Shadow Lord is born she must first be inspired by feelings of passion and conquest.

We want you to reveal your ‘Shadow Agenda’!

Take a screenshot of your most desired realm, or you posing in the realm you are Shadow Lord of and share it on our Shadow Cities Facebook wall or Twitter page. After the campaign ends, we will reward an awesome Shadow Cities T-shirt to our 3 favorite participants!

The ‘Shadow Agenda’ campaign will begin Monday, July 11 at approximately 11:00 AM PDT and will run for one full week. The campaign will be split into three rounds and we will be randomly rewarding 10 mages who control a Gateway when the campaign ends with 10 free Mana Potions! Dominators will continue to have more health and reward more energy when destroyed during the 'Shadow Agenda' campaign. Discuss the weekly campaigns on Campaign Forum.