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Shadow Cities is a location based multiplayer game for iPhone. Become a Mage and take over your streets and neighborhoods with your team. Explore and conquer your city and other cities all over the world. Cast the spells and make magic by drawing runes on the screen. Choose your side, level up and battle against others with your team.

Shadow Cities is a global location-based MMORPG for iOS, where the player aims to conquer real-world neighborhoods for one of two teams. In Shadow Cities, neighborhoods and familiar streets, in cities across the world, are part of the global game world, that is visible to players through iOS devices.

In Shadow Cities, the player takes the role of a modern mage and joins one of the two global teams, learning magic and seeing surroundings with new eyes. Together with other players, the mage hunts shadow spirits and uses spells and strategy to battle over the control of the player's city and the cities all over the world.

Shadow Cities was developed by Grey Area.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Main Screen

Enter The Shadow

  1. Character Screen
  2. Rune Layer
  3. Power Meter Screen
  4. Comms
  5. Goals




Magical Structures





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It's gone.

Hello. I am a active ingressgamer from Germany since 3 jears. Now I would check shadow cities, but I cant find it. Can someone help me?

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