Shadow of winter

Shadow Of Winter: Darkest Is The Night

The Architects win their third consecutive campaign this week! Their supply network was without a doubt the stronger one.

The Shadow of Winter was and end of an era as the game rules go. It was the last campaign where effective handling of faraway Dominator farms was the key to victory. Next week, we will have our Fight Week with new rules. Conquer points will see a boost as will defense and we will enjoy a whole new Harvest mechanism designed for fighting in mind.

This week's top players were:

  1. Lovemonger - Architects - 100 mana potions
  2. FLAMEKKi - Architects - 50 mana potions
  3. Vastarakki - Architects - 50 mana potions
  4. RockSeri - Architects - 50 Mana potions
  5. 3jorn - Animators - 50 Mana potions