Song of arms

Song Of Arms: Harmony In Discord

As magic begins to spread rapidly in the modern era, new ideas blend with old philosophies. Feelings of animosity grow particularly strong amongst Animators who view the Architects’ handle over magic as empty and irresponsible. An inharmonious discord can be heard from the echo – a Song of Arms for any burning soul seeking beauty through destruction.

Tension between Architects and Animators grows more intense as Mages of the two Academies redouble strategic support in player vs. player hot-spots around the globe.

Beginning with the Song of Arms campaign, the teams will gain access to new Battlegroup Beacons appearing in the Cloudview menu. Especially when one side begins to fall behind in Energy, Battlegroup Beacons will be summoned to locations near gateways found in major cities and all mages within that Team will be notified via the Main View.

The ‘Song of Arms’ campaign will begin Monday June 13, 2011 at approximately 11:00 AM PDT and will run for one full week. The campaign will be split into three rounds and afterward five Mages will be randomly selected amongst the top one-hundred players with the highest number of enemy banishes and be rewarded with an official Shadow Cities iPhone skin!