Rune z


Spells are cast by drawing symbols on the Rune Layer. To access it, drag the double-arrow button in the top-middle of the screen down. All symbols can be drawn in either direction. Many of the spells summon magical structures to secure and control locations.

War Chant of Light

Attack Spell

With this attack spell, you can capture spirits, banish enemy mages, or banish enemy structures, by reducing the target's hit points to 0.

The Rune is a "Z". (Z = →↙→ or ←↗←)

Summon WardEdit

Area guardian

Wards guard areas against enemy mages when a spell is cast.

The Rune is shaped like an "X" with a line across the top. (↖→↙ or ↗←↘)

Summon BeaconEdit

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A highly specialized Gate Spell that allows your friends to warp to this location.

The Rune is an inverted and reversed "L". (Γ = ←↓ or ↑→)

Summon DominatorEdit

Conquers and gathers Power

Dominators capture area and generate Power to support other summons.

The Rune is a backwards "L". (˩ = →↑ or ↓←)


Harvest a Dominator for energy

Harvesting Dominators gathers Energy for your team. Energy is needed to win campiagns and earn medals.

You can only harvest your own Dominators, and only when they are full. A full Dominator is indicated by a red circle around the base, and when selected, the blue progress bar will be full. Your own Dominators are also indicated by four arrows revolving around them. You gain 25XP and some energy by harvesting. It takes approximately 35 mins for a Dominator to fully charge.

The Rune is a horizontal line. (― = → or ←)


Warps to a targeted location

Warp allows you to jump between targets controlled by your faction (players, structures, or gateways). Together with other players, you can use this spell to repeatedly move together to a location where none of you is physically located in the world. This process is nicknamed Leapfrogging.

The Rune is an upside-down "U". (∩ = ↑↗→↘↓ or ↑↖←↙↓)

Aria of LightEdit

Heal Spell

The basic Heal Spell. Heals everything and increases Dominator max health.

This spell allows you to heal yourself, or players and structures of your faction. By casting this on any structure (contrary to the descirption) you can also increase its maximum health. If you haven’t chosen a target when casting this spell, you will heal yourself. The Rune is a backwards "Z". (←↘← or →↖→)


Returns you to your physical location.

The Rune is a "U". (U = ↓↘→↗↑ or ↓↙←↖↑)

Summon CatcherEdit

Capture Spirits that attack nearby enemies. Spirits can also be collected for Spirit hunting Missions.

The Rune is a circle. (O)