These are the monsters to fight in Shadow Cities. They only fight back when attacked and will cast an attack spell similar to the player's when provoked.

They come in 5 different elements: fire (red); earth (green); water (blue); air (white); and shadow (Arachne Weavers). They also spawn in groups based on their houses Drioma, Tiermes, Dannan, and Inrik. They come in 3 rarities as well: common, uncommon, and rare; designated by 0, 1 or 3 stars, respectively.

Banishing a spirit gains XP, energy, and sometimes a potion. It also gives credit towards spirit-capturing missions. Spirits regenerate health and mana over time.

Catchers can be placed to lure spirits and capture them. Once captured, they defend the area. They can also be collected from the catcher. XP and Energy gained from spirits are subject to change between campaigns.

List of spirits

Regular Spirits (Red, Blue or Green)

Name House Rarity HP Damage Exp Energy
Aarni Tiermes common 180 75 50 2
Aine Dannan common 1050
Ajatar Tiermes uncommon* 510
Alkonost Inrik common 600
Bagiennik Drioma common 250
Baldr's Bonfire Tiermes rare*** 3000
Bannik Inrik uncommon* 665
Bereginia Drioma common 100
Bogatyr Drioma uncommon* 1240
Bucca Dannan common 400
Cikavac Inrik common 150
Cu Sith Dannan common 680
Devana Drioma common 550
Domovoi Drioma common 50
Einherjar Tiermes common 650
Eksitaja Tiermes common 450 190 102 3
Ellylldan Dannan common 100
Ellyyllon Dannan uncommon* 890
Etti Tiermes common 800
Far Darrig Dannan uncommon* 580
Fenrir Tiermes rare*** 630
Gwyllgi Dannan rare*** 330 4
Gwyllion Dannan rare*** 755
Hiid Tiermes uncommon* 215
Huldra Tiermes common 50 75 50 1
Irod Inrik uncommon* 200
Jotunn Tiermes common 300 82 2
Kelpie Dannan common 50 1
Kikimora Inrik rare*** 370
Korrigan Dannan uncommon* 250 2
Koschei Inrik rare*** 1450
Landdis Tiermes common 900
Leshii Drioma uncommon* 700
Liderk Drioma uncommon* 1810
Likho Drioma rare*** 1425
Lagni Tiermes uncommon* 1570
Magni Tiermes uncommon* 1570
Mara Drioma common 425
Marzanna Inrik uncommon* 1060
Muspel Tiermes rare*** 2200
Nuggie Dannan rare*** 760
Ovinnik Drioma rare*** 1110
Peikko Tiermes uncommon* 820
Phouka Dannan common 500
Psotnik Inrik common 530
Rarog Inrik common 50
Rusalka Drioma rare*** 720
Samodiva Inrik rare*** 710
Seonaidh Dannan uncommon* 1490
Sidhe Dannan rare*** 1140
Skrzak Drioma uncommon* 310
Staalo Tiermes uncommon* 1350
Theena Shee Dannan rare*** 1600
Urisk Dannan common 230 2
Valkyrie Tiermes rare*** 1020
Vanr Tiermes rare*** 1365
Veela Inrik uncommon* 395
Vesna Inrik common 350
Vittra Tiermes rare*** 450
Vodianoi Drioma rare*** 300
Vytiaz Drioma common 700
Zmey Inrik rare*** 1550

Based on the information found on the Spirit-iary and its contributors: Farcry69 SeilGabrielDerek413Hotair10JimShorts365JynxedNdotoHeavyMentalSaffuryMalaterElderwolfVerdoknightRelicAdk3TorakashiLordYerocGlarePhantom-PandaGremisJack1021DayshouTrailerTashZyncElainePlatonicIphiKrazyPeteJKEndymionHyacCeipe Antonym