Strength of fire

Strength Of Fire: Awaken The Lion

While the summer heat brings sweltering temperatures, the flames of the fire spirits burn as bright and glorious as ever. As the struggle to control the magical energies that seep into our world continues, this increase of power does not go unnoticed. With new allies discovered in the city-state of Singapore, Animators and Architects command their numbers to make haste and seek out the ‘Strength of Fire’!

The ‘Strength of Fire’ campaign will begin Monday, July 25 at approximately 11:00 AM PDT and will run for one full week. Individual rewards will be provided to top contributors at the end of each round and total energy gains can be tracked on the leader board. During this campaign fire spirits will deal greater damage than before, but also reward more energy when captured.

Shortly after the campaign, we will also be posting the names of the top 100 mages who capture the most Fire Spirits during the ‘Strength of Fire’ campaign. We will also be randomly rewarding 5 mages out of those top 100 with a brilliantly designed customized iPhone 4 skin!

Along with the ‘Strength from Fire’ campaign we are also including a few notable adjustments to the game that we intend to keep even after the campaign ends.

Both Academies may now place up to maximum of three wards within a visible area, up from one. This should allow for a more viable defense. (Please note that wards will not attack low-level mages).

Catchers will recharge slightly faster than before, which should also provide some assistance defending.

We are also adjusting the reward system during this campaign as it was incorrectly offering too many Mana Potions to campaign leaders in some cases. Mages in mid to small sized battlegroups should not notice much if any change at all.

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