Tailgate: Where You Go I May Go

The High Commanders of the Animators and the Architects have decided to butt in to the battle instead of just observing their Mage troops from afar. Meet Architect Battle Control and Animator High Command.

These archmages, whose locations are still much of a mystery, have decided to intervene the battle by throwing Super Beacons in the middle of larger areas controlled by the opposing team. There's a small chance of these Beacons popping up where there is a lot of harvesting going on by the enemy.

Everyone in the team will be able to see these Beacons in their Cloudview. You will also get a separate notification, when a new Beacon has appeared in the middle of enemy action. And it definitely takes more that just a couple of Z-Spells to knock these Beacons down to guard your area from an enemy invasion! The Super Beacons may disappear on their own too, just as suddenly as they appeared in the first place. So be quick with your attack!

Tailgate Campaign brings also focus on Realm values. The Realm levels will be affecting the amount of gained Energy, making the higher level city Gateways the most valuable Realms to battle over.

We are also keeping the last week's area control rules regarding harvesting in the game. This means gained Energy points depend on how many Gateways within the Cloudview belong to your team.

Strong spells and happy hunting Mages!