Tears of the veil

Tears Of The Veil: Cascading Showers

The veil is a thin, yet nearly impenetrable force that divides our world from the shadow. Those who can see through it are indeed gifted, yet remain nothing when compared to those who are able to cross its divide. True magical power lays waiting for any with the strength and will necessary to trespass the veil of the shadow. Have you achieved the necessary power to cross the shadow's veil, or do you just wait and watch from the other side?

The 'Tears of the Veil' campaign began Monday, July 30 at approximately 4:00 AM PDT and will run for one full week. Individual rewards will be provided to top contributors at the end of each round and total energy gains can be tracked on the leader board. You can also view the results of each campaign and round on our global battlegroup campaign page.

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