"War, war never changes(fallout 3) " war is what makes the world of Shadow Cities go around. And while there are hundreds of battles each day involving two or more players, some battles are more notable than others.

The Woodslawn Conflict Edit

Location: Woodslawn Parks, Norman, OK, U.S.A Attacker(s): Hitty40, Defender(s): MystyKikis, Addyrousa, Acilatem Outcome: Draw. Peace treaty signed.

The Woodslawn Conflict was a small 3-hour war that began on Nov. 26, 2011 when Hitty40 began to destroy Dominators near the Gateway. In the morning the following day, MystyKikis, owner of those Dominators, took revenge and destroyed his Dominators. It was not until 7:00 PM that the war started, when it offcially began with PM's telling each other to keep away from the Gateway and each player. After a brief moment of silence, Mysty threw the first attack at Hitty, causing about 260 damage. It was then after when another player nearby, Addyrouses, began to attack, but Hitty begins to dodge their attacks, coming back with banishing Addy twice before jumping away for about 5 minutes.

When Hitty finally comes back, he sees that no one is protecting the area, and proceeds to destroy 2 Dominators until Acilatum, a player positioned between the 2 parties, attacks Hitty, banishing him.

The conflict goes on for another hour, with Addy being banished once more, Hitty banished about 2 more times, and one more Dominator destroyed before a truce is settled.